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What to Expect in a Procedure

The area to be pigmented is antiseptically cleansed, and a numbing solution applied. I review with you the desired application chosen in the consultation, and check your questionnaire for any medical concerns.

Next, the area to be pigmented is very carefully drawn.  Using a mirror you have an opportunity to scrutinize every detail of the drawn design.  Adjustments are made if necessary. Antiseptic cleansing and reapplication of topical anesthetic are applied as needed. You are resting in a reclining position during the procedure. Because my work is meticulous, I use a jeweler’s visor.   


For your comfort electronic massage is available, and you are encouraged to bring favorite tapes or CDs. You should usually allow 3 hours for a procedure, though less time may be required. When our work is completed, post-procedural instructions and aftercare are reviewed

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