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complementary color chart

Prior to any procedure clients schedule a consultation.  A medical history and information form is completed.

Also included in the consultation is a color analysis to determine skin undertones.  This insures the correct type of color is used.  As a general rule, cool undertones need cool color choices and warm undertones are best combined with warm colors. Clients receive a complementary color chart offering tips for clothing, makeup and hair color.

All procedures are done to enhance natural features.  Careful attention is taken to recreate natural attributes with precise definition, using shape and color. Neither fads nor changing fashion should dictate artistic choice.  Natural colors for brows, eyeliner and lips always have an enduring appeal. 

Next the area to be pigmented is precisely drawn with a cosmetic pencil of the desired color.  Using a mirror, you have an opportunity to adjust every detail of the drawn shape so you will have no surprises.   Remember, this is permanent, not a haircut.  

In creating a brow, it is desirable to incorporate the client’s brow hair whenever possible.  I use a “hair stroke” method of pigmenting brows which gives the most natural look.

In creating eyeliner, the shape and set of the eye is studied. The options for your unique facial shape are discussed and you will make a choice based on your personal preference.

When having a lip procedure, it is important to establish the vermillion border.  This boundary is most important so as not to risk misplacement of the pigment outside the natural border edge of the lip. If a fuller look is desired, pigment may be placed on the lips as one would do if they were painting a two dimensional surface as in a portrait.  This will give the illusion of more fullness or a “pouty look”.  It is advisable to create fullness through artistic illusion, not by placing pigment outside the natural line.  As a person ages, not only do lips lose volume, but the vermillion border of the lips becomes less well defined.  The appearance of fuller lips is also obtained by redefining the original edge.  This lasts much longer and is a much less expensive alternative to dermal fillers such as RESTYLANE, RADIANCE, and AND MICRODROPLET SILICONE.




In every procedure each detail is drawn and revised until the design is perfect   All procedures will enhance your natural features.  Careful attention is taken to define your unique attributes with precision in shape and color.  Neither fads nor changing fashion should dictate choice.  Natural colors always have an enduring appeal.

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