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Professional Procedures Available


Lips-  Laura uses advanced tech niques for definition and shading of the lips. Corrections may be made for asymmetry and shape. The appearance of extra fullness can be created with appropriate use of use of color.  As you age not only do lips lose volume, but  the vermillion border of the lips becomes less well defined. The appearance of fuller lips may also obtained by simply redefining original contours. 

Lash Enhancement - This procedure places a dark line underneath the upper lashes (not to include the conjunctiva) and in the lash bed with no line showing on the top. The bottom lash bed is  pigmented with a color more like the brows. This achieves the effect of thicker eyelashes without being “made up” looking.  I recommend this procedure   for chemotherapy and alopecia patients because a thicker line looks too heavy and unnatural.

Eyeliner - This includes the lash enhancement as well as color on top lashes and on the bottom lashes. Pointillism is used at the base of the lower lashes to make them look thicker without a harsh, obvious line....unless the client wishes otherwise.  In creating eyeliner, the shape and set of the eye is studied.  Each detail is drawn and revised until the design is perfect

Eyebrows Laura uses a “hair stroke” method of pigmenting eyebrows which creates the most natural appearance  of real hair texture.