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 For ALL procedures:

Snack size plastic bags with frozen peas (or ice chips) may be put on pigmented areas to reduce  or prevent swelling.

      Avoid until healed:

                     Soaps and facial cleansers on pigmented areas…..wash around

                     Makeup on pigmented areas

                     Moisturizers, skin creams, Retin-A, Avage, and other exfoliates on  pigmented  areas

                     Touching with fingers!

                     Sun and tanning beds

                     Chlorine pools, Jacuzzis, and saunas

                     Terry towels

                     Hot long steamy showers

                     Dirt...such as in gardening, for the first 3-4 days to prevent possible infection

Apply vaseline to pigmented areas

Before showering apply a thin coat of Sterile Vaseline.  Shower with back to water to avoid water, shampoo and conditioner getting on pigmented area.

If pigmented area begins to itch,  a  thin application of 1% Hydrocortizone in mineral oil and petroleum my be applied to relieve it.

Use topical antibiotic at your own risk;  this can cause an area to heal improperly and some people develop an allergy to it.



You may use, sterile vaseline, and Lacri Lube  on the pigmented area of your eyes ……..do not put  this in your eyes

If your eyes feel a little itchy or irritated, putting  “Opcon  A”   by Bausch and Lomb  in your eyes  often helps to relieve it.


Lips will tend to be very dry.  Keep them moist using Q-tip and Sterile Vaseline for 14 days or until completely healed.  Some peeling will occur.  Your lips will feel chapped, but do not pick and peel it off!! Very moist lipstick may be3 work over Vaseline.  You should always wear a sun block due to photosensitivity.


Eyebrows -  the swelling is only minimal and if any it is usually is gone in 2 days.

Eyeliner  - the swelling is only minimal and is usually gone in 2 days.  However, if you have very sensitive skin, the eye lids may be very puffy at first. If you will apply an ice pack the swelling should begin to diminish.

Lips -  Lips usually have more swelling.  The first 2 days the lips will appear much more intense in color and swollen.  After a couple of days the swelling does go down, but the lips appear dry and chapped for up to three weeks depending upon the person.  I have seen people who had lips to heal in 1 week,  but this does not often happen.

 To speed the healing process (especially in lips) your physician may prescribe something  for you. 

Extra comments: 

EYEBALLS  SHOULD  NOT  BE  RED!  You must seek medical attention immediately if you see bloodshot eyes or any sign of a bacterial infection.

 A sunblock should always be used on lips due to photosensitivity.  There are many fine lip glosses and lip therapy  items (Chapstick, etc.) that contain sunscreen.

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